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6 Common Problem in Computer and The Solutions

As robust as they are computers are not immune to breakdowns. Fortunately, these failures are often more frightening than dangerous and can be corrected with a few steps.

So lets discuss These 6 common issues ans their solutions

I – PC that no longer turns on: what solutions?

Everyone’s fear: the black screen of the PC that no longer lights up!


If your PC no longer turns on even when it is turned on , this does not mean that it has given up the ghost. There are many factors that can cause this, but there are too many to list here. If you are faced with this situation, there are a few methods to help you turn your machine back on.

1. Check the power cable and battery


We are talking about this type of cable


Your computer’s power cable may become damaged to the point where it completely stops electricity from flowing.

  • Inspect your cable for injuries or damaged connectors
  • Change the cable if you detect an anomaly

In the case of a laptop, also check your battery. The latter is located under the keyboard. Find out on the manufacturer’s official website to find out how to access it and especially if this maneuver does not void your warranty.

  1. Carefully remove the screws located under the cover of your laptot with a suitable screwdriver
  2. Examine the battery for bulges or hollows
  3. Change it if you notice an anomaly or if it gives off a burning smell

A damaged battery will cause damage to the other components of your laptop and potentially explode!

2. Discharge the capacitors


These look like capacitors... Don't worry, you won't have to touch them!


Capacitors are electronic components intended to conserve electricity. These can remain abnormally charged and thus prevent your PC from turning on.

To overcome this problem :

  1. Completely shut down your PC
  2. Disconnect the power and remove the battery
  3. Hold the power button for 30 seconds
  4. Reconnect the power cable, first without the battery
  5. Turn on the PC

If your computer’s battery is built-in be aware that manufacturers provide reset holes. They are housed under the machine and require fine objects to be pushed into them for 5 seconds to discharge the capacitors. A needle or pin will do the job just fine.


3.Check Power Supply and Its Button


The power supply is this part of your computer


The power supply is the part where the power cable connects. It is equipped with an LED that lights up as soon as the computer is powered on.

Check it for symptoms of failure otherwise you will probably need to replace it

  • A burning smell
  • Unusual noises
  • The LED no longer lights up even if the machine is powered on

Also take the opportunity to check the cables and wires that connect the power button to the motherboard. If you spot a fault contact an expert to change the power supply.


If Windows no longer starts then what to do


As operating systems become more and more efficient, they are not infallible and may refuse to start. Microsoft has provided solutions to allow you to restart your Windows.

Need to check few steps

Open Windows Recovery Environment WinRE

If there is a problem with Windows this is your first resort. This utility has tools to help you restore, reset or modify your Windows distribution. To access it you have several solutions.

Restart your computer three times in succession, after which it launches automatically.

If that doesn’t work and you can get to your login screen, open the start menu (located at the bottom of the screen) by holding the Shift button. Then select “Reboot anyway”. It should launch automatically.

If none of the solutions presented work go directly to point 3 “Start in safe mode”.

Modify Windows via WinRE

Once inside WinRE you have several options including repairing restoring and resetting Windows.

1. Repair Windows

Repair should be your first choice. Indeed the partition on which Windows is installed can be damaged by computer viruses or wear. The procedure to follow is as follows

  • Click on “Troubleshooting” then on “Advanced options
  • Select “Repair”
  • Select your user account and enter your password

Normally after starting your computer you are out of the woods. However, if this method does not work, follow those described below.

2. Restore Windows

Whenever significant changes are made to your computer such as installing drivers or updates Windows automatically creates a system image.

This system image preserves the state of your computer before the modification and allows you to go back if Windows no longer starts.

Basically it only keeps the data present on the hard drive on which Windows is installed generally the C drive.

The rest may be lost. A restore automatically results in the loss of data present on the same disk as your OS.

To restore Windows

  • Click on “Troubleshooting” then “Advanced options”
  • Select “System Startup Tool”
  • Select “System Restore”

After which follow the instructions and your bone will be restored and working wonderfully. Otherwise you can always undo the maneuver by repeating the same process.

3) Uninstall updates

The expression evil for good sums up this situation perfectly. Installing an update may cause malfunctions and prevent Windows from starting. To do this select the “Uninstall updates” tab. You will keep all your data except for modifications made to the applications affected by the update.

4) Boot into Safe Mode

If you are unable to access WinRE Manager you should consider launching Windows in Safe Mode.

In safe mode Windows only activates the drivers absolutely necessary for its operation. You will be able to access Windows and carry out a repair followed by an antivirus scan of your computer.

It is recognizable thanks to the unusual resolution of the screen, and the “safe mode” inscriptions present in the four corners of the screen.

To start in “safe mode” perform the following operation :

  • Open WinRE as explained above
  • Select “Troubleshooting”
  • Click on “Advanced options”
  • Then “Restart”
  • Press the F5 key




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