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How to Disable Windows 10 update Permanently

Windows 10 is a very advanced windows at the moments and highly used by users all over the world.It has good graphics and included full professional pre installed softwares.Same like it Update windows very intelligently and it updates useful softwares automatically but most of the time user does not need softwares to be update as it they have low memory on the computer or low hard drive issue and they really wanted to turn off/disable windows 10 update.

But first problem is they remain unable to find the option to disable/turnoff windows 10 update and if they find,it does not work correctly as they turn off windows or restart it turn on automatically.So here we gonna tell you permanent and perfect work way to Disable or turn off windows 10 update.

So we will tell you Different ways to turn it off or disable windows 10.

Turnoff Windows 10 update by services.msc
  1. First go to windows startup on left down corner
  2. Then type in search bar for “RUN” and click on it
  3. Type “services.msc” in run program
  4. You will see services (local) program opened
  5. Then find or scroll down for “Windows Update” at last almost
  6. Right click on widows update and go for “Properties
  7. Now in General You will see “Startup Type”
  8. Select for Disable
  9. Apply changes and then click on ok
  10. Restart your PC/Laptop and you are Done

Disable Windows 10 Update by Creating AU File
  1. Press windows+R button
  2. Run program will start and Type “regedit” and press ok
  3. It will your permission to open so select Yes
  4. A Registry Editor will be open up
  6. In windows right click on it and then “New>Key
  7. On Left side New Key folder will be created,rename it “Windows Update” hit enter key
  8. Again right click on you file created windows update and select “New>Key”
  9. Rename that folder to “AU”(Automatic Update) and Open it
  10. Then click on right side select New>DWORD(32-bit)value
  11. Then rename file created with “NoAutoUpdate
  12. Open this file and Change the Value Data 1 to disable

With this You have Disable Windows Update permanently.


Other ways to Disable Windows 10 Update

Disabling Windows 10 updates entirely is not recommended, as updates often include important security patches, bug fixes and new features that help keep your system stable, secure and up-to-date. However, if you need to temporarily disable updates for a specific reason you can use the following methods:

1.Using Group Policy (Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise editions only)

– Press `Win + R` to open the Run dialog.
– Type `gpedit.msc` and press Enter to open the Local Group Policy Editor.
– In the left pane, navigate to: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update.
– Double-click on “Configure Automatic Updates” in the right pane.
– Select the “Disabled” option.
– Click “Apply” and then “OK” to save the changes.

2.Using the Registry Editor

– Press `Win + R` to open the Run dialog.
– Type `regedit` and press Enter to open the Registry Editor.
– Navigate to the following key: `HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows`
– Right-click on the “Windows” key, select New > Key, and name it “WindowsUpdate” (without quotes).
– Right-click on the newly created “WindowsUpdate” key, select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value, and name it “AUOptions” (without quotes).
– Double-click on “AUOptions” and set its value to 2 (meaning “Notify for download and notify for install”).
– Close the Registry Editor.

3.Using Metered Connection (for Wi-Fi only)

– Go to Settings by pressing `Win + I`.
– Select “Network & Internet” and then “Wi-Fi” on the left pane.
– Click on your connected Wi-Fi network.
– Toggle the switch under “Set as metered connection” to On.

4.Using Windows Update Service (temporarily)

– Press `Win + R` to open the Run dialog.
– Type `services.msc` and press Enter to open the Services window.
– Scroll down and find “Windows Update” in the list.
– Double-click on “Windows Update” to open its properties.
– In the “Startup type” dropdown menu, select “Disabled.”
– Click on “Apply” and then “OK.”
– Remember to set it back to “Manual” or “Automatic” after you’ve completed your task.

Keep in mind that disabling updates leaves your system vulnerable to security risks and may cause compatibility issues with software and hardware. It’s generally recommended to enable updates and manage them actively rather than disable them entirely.



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