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What is Love ?

What is love? Every person knows that different definition of love. Some people think that being with someone is love and for some unable to live without someone is love for. Some people talking to them and missing them and their absences is love and for some people caring for someone is love.
Love is not an imperative of life; it is not mandatory that everyone must experience love, or that one cannot live without it. However, love is often viewed as one of the most basic elements in human life because of the powerful impact it has on our emotions, relationships and general well-being.

Here are a few reasons why people tend to value love in their lives:

  1. Emotional fulfillment: Love results to emotional satisfaction and fulfilment. It creates feelings of connection, belongingness, and happiness.
  2. Relationships: Love builds and maintains different types of relationships like romantic ones or family bonds between members. Strong healthy relationships are usually built on a foundation of love, trust, and mutual respect for each other.
  3. Human Connection: Love fosters human connection and empathy with others. It lets us recognize and connect with others at a deeper level which leads to compassion and understanding.
  4. Growth and development: Love facilitates personal growth and development. By challenging us to be vulnerable, emphatic and understanding in turn we get greater self-awareness as well as emotional maturity.
  5. Hereditary Benefits :For instance , experiencing love has been known to have immense health benefits such as reduced stress levels , better mental health conditions among others resulting into enhanced immune system functioning.

However, it’s not all about loving somebody for pleasure in life.

True Definition Of Love

But in reality, all these things are not love. If you get a feeling of “Woow” when you see someone for the first and it’s just that you’d like to be an attractive and good looking. If there were not good looking you would have ignored them for sure. Whenever we fall for someone for their looks , it’s not love. It’s just an interaction which is very temporary. You can get attracted towards anyone Infact everyone nut woun’t start loving everyopne.Would You ?

Actually you don’t start doing love, you don’t have to do it. You have this feeling starts growing in you. Does not love to when you start forcing someone to be with you or you just snatch them away. You’re being selfish at this point. Because you’re thinking only about you not about the feelings of that person.

What exactly Love is ?

So what exactly love is? attraction? No, Attachment ? No ways love is. When you have a someone you feel complete, you don’t feel that this person is someone else. It’s your part, which you have finally found. You see your reflection in that person. Love is the purest feeling in the people start defining love but in reality, it doesn’t have a single definition is purposeless. which happens to you first and then happens to someone else that person is a piece of your soul. Which you start living more and more each day.

Wanting to be this someone isn’t love, wanting their happiness is love, wanting the stability is love praying for them is love, wanting them to be successful In life is love. its your destiny if the end up to be with you or not.


How to Keep your Love ?

You respect them and accepting them the way they are. You support them even if you’re unable to support them you feel happy. When you see them growing in achieving new heights. We need temporary feelings love and by naming it,we degrade love. This has become a term that people just want to leave that place where someone is talking about love and somewhere is true as people are having really bad experiences in love and relationships these days . People have learned to play with the feelings now a days and sometimes destiny plays with the love birds, but this is life people cross our path and teach us one thing or another. They give sweet and salty memories and leave at one point of life . All you have to do is don’t get distracted from your path whatever your goal is just focus on achieving it, whatever you desire just fulfill it.Do not be too much negative towards love,its a great feeling and really wish that you get your true love one day.

Love has a deep influence in shaping our emotions, relationships, and general wellbeing. And the following are some of the ways love can affect us:

1.Emotional Well-being

Love makes life very joyful and fulfilling; it gives happiness beyond measure. The feeling of being loved and to love someone so intensely leads to emotional safety, attachment and contentedness. It is invigorating and uplifting, influencing mood positively and giving people’s lives direction.

2. Relationships

Love serves as a basis for strong relationships that are meaningful. All healthy relationships be they romantic ones or between family members or friendship are founded on mutual liking, trustworthiness and respect among other things. By promoting intimacy, empathy as well as outward connection love helps in strengthening connections with others thereby enabling individuals to have deeper understanding and appreciation for one another”.


Self-esteem and the feeling of being loved and appreciated by others are related. When we experience love from others, it helps confirm our sense of selfhood and worthiness thus increasing our confidence and self-assurance. Moreover, self-love is important for general well-being and resilience.

4.Health Benefits

A lot of physical and mental health benefits can be associated with love. According to a research study, individuals who are in loving relationships tend to have lower levels of stress, anxiety and depression compared to those who do not have strong relationships. They also exhibit better cardiovascular health, immune function as well as longevity overall. These health benefits are due to emotional support and companionship through loving relationships.

5. Personal Growth

Love is known for nurturing personal growth at all times even when an individual’s relationship status changes. In relationships though, overcoming obstacles with love, empathy or compassion could make us stronger, more empathetic people who communicate better. Love emphasizes our need to become vulnerable beings that are open-hearted enough to learn from experiences that enlarge their spirits.

Life Satisfaction

The feeling of satisfaction in life is improved by love; this is the same with well-being. We are more satisfied with our lives when we are bonded to others through love and have other types of deep connections with them. Love makes us feel that we belong or attach to something more important than our individual selves thus significantly improving the quality of our lives.

7.Altruism and Compassion

Love promotes kindness, compassion and selflessness needed for altruism. It is easier for a loving person to be kind or show empathy towards those around him thereby contributing to a society in which people act compassionately toward one another.

In general, love shapes how we experience things and relate with others as well as our level of wellness profoundly. Love nurtured in ourselves or among people brings about happiness, fulfillment and meaning.



  1. Greetings! Very useful advice within this article! It is the little changes that produce the most significant changes. Thanks for sharing!


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