What is Science ?


So what is science? In fact the term science itself comes from a Latin word that means Knowledge and the names of many branches of sciences. Science is the study of the physical and natural world by observations and experimentations that mean in science two things are very important.

  1. observations
  2. experimentations

It is a systematic way of observing the world first and then doing some experiments to understand its structure and behavior. It is a logical way of knowing about the universe and then giving an explanation of how it works.

Scientific Method

Scientific Method the knowledge of science is in fact based upon a method known as scientific method. In scientific method.

  • We first ask a question about a problem
  • Then do a research about it
  • Make a hypothesis, do an experiment
  • Collect data
  • Make another observation
  • Finally come to a conclusion

These are basically different steps through which we come to know the actual reason behind a phenomenon.

Importance of science

science leads to new knowledge and new discoveries. It has expands our understanding of the life on Earth. Basically on different planets as well. We are finding the existence of life on Mars. It facilitates the progress and development it also helps to defies false beliefs. It has enabled us to think critically and logically. it has solved a lot of our problems.

Branches of science

Modern science can be divided into three main branches. One of them is the natural sciences. Natural Sciences are further divided into physics, chemistry and biology. Physics is a study of the universe whereas chemistry is a study of the matter and biology is a study of a life and living organisms. Likewise social sciences include psychology, sociology, history, law, etc. And then formal sciences includes mathematics statistics, data science, computer science.


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