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How to Resolve Blue Screen Errors in Windws 10

Today we are going to learn about topic blue screen of death. So yes we got to talk about Windows and we’re gonna cover some workable solutions on how you can get back your missing data. Let’s see what we’ve got to show you blue screens the nightmare of the system administrators.

Normally you get a blue background with stop codes and may be a sad face and some information about what could have possibly caused this condition of the operating system like



  • Invalid data access trap
  • NTFS file system error
  • NMI hardware failure
  • Data bus errors

They can be so many so different and that obviously indicates a serious issue with your Windows operating system. There’s even some good news though if you encounter a blue screen of death, it’s not too likely that there’s a necessarily a hazard problem so chances are that you’re still going to be accessing your data. But of course there are some conditions where this could be a little problematic. Once the blue screen appears you might be asked to reboot manually your computer or this is automatically going to happen and after that is gonna be a check disk automatically running or you might be asked to restore some older version of a software and once all that is done you can still work normally on your computer again in order to offer a solution. we got of a Blue Screen need to well understand what kind of thing has brought the problem.

so let’s talk about the most common scenarios when you’re getting a blue screen

Outdated Windows or Problematic


Windows updates you should always check your PC for Windows Update. It’s not necessary to do updates every day, but it’s highly recommended that you keep your Windows version up-to-date also occasionally. We add some messed up windows updates which leads to blue screens and in other words when the windows update doesn’t go correctly or something breaks during the installation. Yes it’s very likely that you’re going to get a blue screen.

Can be Cause Damage Setup Files

Damage setup files are the next suspect. There are times when the downloaded Sena files are not able to be verified and also they can be corrupted during the download. During unexpected interruption of the connectivity or in case your hard drive has bad sectors and sometimes this can cause errors during the installation which are resulting into a blue screen.

Device Driver Issues


One of the totally most common reasons for blue screens drivers. Yes everybody’s little scared about updating drivers, so yes indeed a driver updates may leads to a blue screen or a malfunctioning all driver and also bring you a blue screen. So be extra careful with drivers and always verify why you download them from and how they the right driver.

Hard drive issues


Supposed to install another very common generator of blue screens hardware, RAM hard drives motherboard. Well if any of these components is for some reason malfunctioning, yes it’s very likely that these confuses the operating system it’s gonna crash and the end result is gonna be the blue screen.

so how the Vic Soviet or at least How to Fix Blue Screen to reduce the impacts we are here to help with some ideas


Turn Off the Automatic Restart



First thing we’re gonna try to turn off the automatic restart very frequently. The windows automatic restart option is set by default and as soon as Windows 10 gets a blue screen, you’re going to see a reboot. But wait if you reboot you will never see the actual error code and to us that’s important part because based on the error code you can figure out whether that’s a software problem or a hardware issue. So one of the first things we’re gonna do is to disable the automatic restarting the event of a blue screen.

Lets follow up the procedure.

  1. right click on this PC in Windows 10 and head over to properties
  2. choose advanced system settings hit on the Settings tab and select startup
  3. Recovery uncheck the automatically restart option
  4. hit OK to confirm

that’s going to give you the advantage of understanding better what the actual cause of the blue screen.

Uninstall applications

Now let’s go further with some more ideas one other thing you could perform after you definitely know it’s a software problem is to try to only sell some of the applications or some of the latest updates. here’s an example of what we can do

  • start menu head over to settings for your PC
  • Now go to the apps option and absent features
  • Begin selecting the apps and the programs that were installed lately
  • Select uninstall confirm

they’re gone and try to stress your computer could be that you’ve just fixed the problem


Download Upgrade Files again

It’s already mentioned faulty setup files could be the kobritz. So we recommend you to re-download the upgrade of the set of files. First of all we need to get rid of the old ones we can do that with this cleanup firstly.

  1. Click the start button start menu
  2. Look for the disk cleanup option
  3. Open when you choose the drive select C the location where your downloads folder is appearing
  4. After that select clean up system files from the options see the Dialogue box
  5. Check the box next to temporary
  6. Windows installation files click OK
  7. It will delete the upgrade files
  8. Now you can download them again


Detach Unnecessary Hardware


Another thing that can help with fixing the blue screen of death is removing unnecessary additional hardware. USB drives additional usually based mice or new Bluetooth devices. You have just installed take them out and check the condition afterwards. So far so How to Recover Data.

We’ve learned a few easy steps of how we can possibly avoid for the blue screens. But if you keep on getting them or if your data is already totally inaccessible most likely the situation is serious enough so that’s we need to bring in recover it.

Recover data after BSOD Using Recover it

Now today we’re going to use one very special mode which is the bootable modes of the app which is letting you access your drives without being dependent on the operating system and I’ll tell you how to do that in a few easy steps. Now the things that you’re going to need.

  1. Another working computer or a laptop
  2. A blank USB or potentially CD or DVD drive
  3. Connection to the computer you needs to go physically
  4. Put the USB and boot from that on your affected computer let’s get started first
  5. You need to recover it on your computer launched it they select recover from crash computer
  6. Then click on the start button at the right bottom part of the screen
  7. Now create a bootable media and to do this use an empty USB Drive
  8. Make sure that the empty drive is connected to the working computer
  9. Can be recognized and hit the stop button on the next screen
  10. You can choose the mode to create a bootable media
  11. After you’re done hit the create button
  12. Alright takes a few minutes and now we have a bootable Drive

Bios Setting Up

So let’s move on to the effect it’s computer plug the USB Drive and let’s boot formats depending on the computer. You might have to go to the BIOS and select the priority boot device or sometimes using the F keys like f11 or f12. You might be able to select the bootable device during the power-on self-test then make sure to select the USB Drive as a boot device and you can follow the procedure which is pretty simple. You can choose the hard drive and you can select hard data copy or data recovery as you need it. You can do that assuming that your current Hardware is fine and all the files are readable. If you choose data recovery then you have to select the disk from where the recovery is needed. It’s gonna scan the drive and once done you can preview the data and recover.

That’s it for today guys I don’t know about you but since a long time I’m not really afraid of blue screens let’s vote we know some ways how to fix or eliminate them and on the other side we know that you recover. It is always here in case we need to recover some data. so I guess we’re all set and I very much hope that this article is helpful to you and you’ve learned a lot today that’s the case


if you have any follow-up question feel free to comment below.




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